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The Association's Newsletter is published quarterly.

"Please accept, also, my heartiest congratulations

on the content and presentation of your Newsletter:

surely it must be the finest Organists’ Association Newsletter

in this, or any other, country." ........................ Dr. John Bertalot

The Association's Newsletter contains:

Fascinating Articles on organs and organists

Reports on Past Association Events and local organ recitals

Our Programme of Events for the Current Year

Pieces on Forthcoming Events

Latest News and Views

Newsletter Issues

Issue 3 2019
Issue 2 2019
Issue 1 2019
Issue 3 2018
Issue 2 2018
Issue 1 2018
N&DOA Newsletter - September 2017
N&DOA Newsletter - June 2017

Newsletter Contributions

News, events, and other articles are always welcome for the Newsletter or in What’s On – please submit them to the Newsletter Editor at editor@northamptonorganists.org.uk

How To Read the Newsletters

The recent Newsletters are available in PDF format. You will need to have Adobe Reader or an alternative PDF reader such as SumatraPDF to access the Newsletter. The latest Newsletter will be added each quarter.